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Illustrations by Arthur Kraft From The 1956 Book “The Divine Journey” by Lon Amick


“The Divine Journey” by Lon Amick was originally published in 1956 by Press of The Pilgrim, Kansas City, Missouri. And lithographed by Williams & Lawrence Lithographers also of Kansas City, Missouri.

The author Lon Amick was a long time friend of Arthur Kraft and Arthur provided several illustrations for the book. The first edition was limited to 1000 copies and each copy was a numbered edition. The book is still in print today and new copies are available for purchase from





Original Introduction to “The Divine Journey”

There is in the life of every man a Divine Moment when he comes to the realization, as did the Prodigal, that he has wasted his substance. This moment illuminates against a backdrop of eternity the shallowness of selfish pursuits, and from the depth of being the voice of silence speaks, “To what purpose your life?”

For some, this moment comes in the years of life’s dawn, some at midday, and for others in the last hours of sunset. Whenever the moment – the Divine Journey begins!

The first glimmering of the Inner Light enters upon consciousness and creates an unquenchable thirst for knowledge to rend the veil screening Truth.

From this moment forward, one is no longer content with surface teachings but resolves to strike out for the frontiers of the mind in search of the fountain of Living Waters.

One takes the robe of the pilgrim, and enters upon the journey toward the Inner Light that is God. It is a journey that once begun, can never be completely abandoned.

This Divine Moment may come at a time of loss and despair. It may be born of deep dissatisfaction with the direction of one’s personal life, or in a moment when the heart is unexplainably stirred by beauty. It differs with every man, but with its coming – each enters upon his personal search for Truth.

Truth capable of sustaining the soul in disaster and triumph. Truth to shed serenity upon the soul, and bring meaning, purpose and understanding to life. The goal of every pilgrim is that supreme wisdom that quiets the raging storm and brings Peace out of chaos.

It was this Peace that sustained the Christians in the bloody arenas of ancient Rome, and is still the hallmark of the Christian experience. This peace and serenity awaits every pilgrim who undertakes the Divine Journey.

It is the intention of this writing to hand you Keys to open the Gates to Understanding that lead to this Peace. Some Keys will unlock meaning for some; other Keys will prove of value to another. Each claims that which belongs to him.

This is not a book. It has no continuity. It is not written to be read “cover to cover”. Wisdom has no demarcation – no beginning and no ending, neither does this writing. It is to serve through the years, and not for a “single reading” as does a book.

More precisely it is a guide designed to strengthen and give reality to the Inner Person as an aid to your Divine Journey. As such, it is unique in spiritual instruction.

As an experiment after the first complete reading, place this guide on the nightstand near your bed. Just before retiring, open at random, and read whatever absorbs your attention. Close the Guide, and consider the meaning of the thoughts presented. You give this writing reality when you bring it the light of your own thinking.

A rock thrown into a pool creates an ever-widening circle of ripples. The beauty is in the ripples, and not the rock striking the water. In the same sense, the beauty to be found in this guide is not in the printed words, but in that they serve to stir dormant centers of your being, capable of transforming the thoughts behind these Keys to splendorous beauty and wisdom.

Every pilgrim on the Divine Journey must come to know that out of the reservoir of his personal experience he brings the garments to clothe these words . . . for Wisdom comes from Within.

This is YOUR journey. No other can make it for you. What you discover along the Path to Spiritual Understanding can never be fully imparted to another, and only gradually understood by yourself. You enter upon the Divine Journey!

Gate Number One: Seek


Gate Number Two: Knowledge


Gate Number Three: Outer World


Gate Number Four: Inner World


Gate Number Five: Immortality


Gate Number Six: Initiation


Gate Number Seven: The Presence

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