Arthur Kraft Mosaic Owl From The Kansas City Public Library Mural

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David Farmer – 11/07/2009

Kansas City Public Library Mural
I was fortunate enough to know Arthur and, along with a small group of his friends and associates, work for him on the assembly of the mural for the Kansas City Public Library. Under his direction, we hand cut and glued the mosaic tile to sections of stiff cardboard which were later transported to the site and installed in place by local union tile setters. It was a memorable experience working for the man and even these many years later, I can still pick out the various sections that I had a hand in assembling.

Since I have an affection for owls, he gave me a colored pencil and watercolor sketch of the owl that nests in one of the trees in the mural. I will always hold fond memories of Arthur and my experiences working under his direction.

Mosaic owl from the Kansas City Public Library mural

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