Arthur Kraft 1965 Kansas Citian Magazine Article “Home Savings Association Exhibition”

Kansas Citian Magazine article – September 1965

Arthur Kraft Art At Home Savings

Paintings, drawings and sculpture by Arthur Kraft, Kansas City artist, make up a one-month showing now through September 17 open to the public in the Main Lobby of Home Savings Association, 10th and Grand. All of the works are privately owned and on special loan from the homes of admirers of this brilliant and versatile artist, some of whose art is on permanent display in the Louvre, the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence and leading galleries in the United States.

Kraft is probably best known locally for his colorful, imaginative mosaic mural for the Children’s Entrance to the new Public Library at 12th and McGee, and the large hanging mural in the new Missouri Public Services Building. His sculptures of a family group is at the Walnut Street entrance of Commerce Trust. He also designed the much-admired stained glass windows of the Overland Park Christian Church.

Among the works on display at Home Savings are fine examples of Kraft’s many-faceted ability. Dominating the exhibit for sheer size and rich coloration is “Camelot,” a mural-size oil painting, and his graceful “Swan,” sculptured in heavy brass wire. Also included are a pair of original paintings on musical themes from a series Kraft made for Philharmonic programs, and a delightful sketch for the Youth Symphony. Others reflect the wide range of Kraft’s interest and talents, from a tiny “Dog” and owlets in a nest to his highly individualistic handling of a classic theme, “Leda and the Swan.”

The show is open to the public from 7:30 to 5:30 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday, on the first floor of the Home Savings Building, 10th and Grand.

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