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Welcome to “The Wonderful World of Arthur Kraft”
A Site Dedicated to Arthur M. Kraft

“So much beauty goes to waste because people don’t bother to look. Sometimes I want to shake people and say, `look up, look up, see how beautiful it all is.’”
  – Arthur Kraft

“The Wonderful World of Arthur Kraft” is dedicated to Arthur M. Kraft (1922-1977), the Kansas City artist, painter, illustrator, sculpture and writer. If you’re here, you probably know who he is. But what’s arthurkraft.wordpress.com?

Perceiving the need for a comprehensive site dedicated to Kraft, “The Wonderful World of Arthur Kraft” was launched in January 2012. The premier online site for Kraft enthusiasts, arthurkraft.wordpress.com provides news, artwork, stories, history and exhibits related to the artist, but also a community for Kraft enthusiasts to share their knowledge, provide opinions and add to the discussion.

Do you have something to contribute? We are always interested in hearing from people who knew Kraft, people who collect Kraft, people inspired by Kraft. Additional information, stories, photos or artwork related to Arthur Kraft is always appreciated.

Feel free to send us an email.  – arthur.kraft@yahoo.com


“The Wonderful World of Arthur Kraft” has no official relationship with the Arthur Kraft Estate. All material here is copyrighted to the authors. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Christopher L. Boice says:

    Wow…great website! My father and Arthur were dear friends in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s here in Kansas City. I also remember Arthur well for his crazy antics and constant struggles with his personal demons (of which there were many)!

    I also inherited a lovely painting that Arthur had given my father years ago in payment of one of Arthur’s many debts to my mom and dad. The painting represents “the Marriage of Figaro” and “Rigoletto” operas. It was commissioned by The Kansas City Philharmonic as a program cover. I also have the original program as well. Arthur was truly a talented, funny and very tortured man. I remember too much to put in this little comment section.

    Christopher L. Boice

  2. Kay Findley says:

    I have a painting of Duncan, Arthur’s little terrier. He entitled it “Self -Portrait” and signed it “Duncan”. It was a gift to my mother for caring for Arthur’s little dog at some time. I am uncertain what I will do with it.

    Arthur was a dear friend of my first husband. When we lost our first baby at birth, Arthur was so sweet to dash off a painting showing a man and woman (us) with an archway behind with a soul going up to heaven. It meant so much to us at the time as we had moved to California and had not been in touch with Arthur for awhile. It was true he gave away so much of his art and was not paid for it. I believe the first time I met him with my husband was at his apartment where shared a fruit salad, eating with toothpicks, and some pastries from Andres on Main. I have a copy of his Sounds of Fury.

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